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The Georgia Straight
Stolen sisters not forgotten in Vancouver-based filmmaker Rachel Talalay’s On the Farm
Amanda Siebert
“‘The greatest concern that everyone had before becoming involved with the film, from the casting director to the lead actor, was ‘Can we take on this story in a respectful fashion, and not be the exploitive serial-killer story?'”

Vancouver Courier
Confronting horror on screen at Women in Film Festival
John Kurucz
“‘She’s a truly resourceful, and incredible survivor and a resilient young woman,’ Tailfeathers said [of main character Nikki Taylor]. ‘But the film is essentially a huge indictment on the Vancouver Police Department, the RCMP and the justice system as a whole.'”

Vancouver Sun
On the Farm: A story of survival
Francois Marchand
On The Farm (Unclaimed) is no easy movie-going experience. It shouldn’t be.”

Beyond Pickton
Sabrina Furminger
“‘It was a huge responsibility to tell this story in the right way, and do justice to the families, who are living with that trauma and that reality every day,’ says Tailfeathers.”

Vancouver Metro
Filmmakers embrace ‘huge moral obligation’ to honour missing women’s stories in Unclaimed
David P. Ball
“‘It’s a microcosm of a bigger story of marginalized women, the misunderstanding of addictions, and a universal story that’s so important,’ explained director Rachel Talalay in a phone interview. ‘We’re not trying to tell a serial killer story, or even Pickton’s story. That would give him more attention than anyone would like to do.'”

Dallas Observer
We’re All Tank Girl: Director Rachel Talalay Puts Bold Women on the Big Screen
Jamie Laughlin
“We’re talking on the phone and she’s excited. She’s back to doing what she loves: telling stories about bold women and bucking convention.”